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A Week of Making Field Roast – Day Six


Our final and last day of the week….phew!  It’s been fun sharing our work life with you this week.  We made a lot of Field Roast, had a visit from the Seattle University business students, enjoyed a really sweet Community Meal together celebrating Tet and generally just did the thing we do every week…making food for you to enjoy and eat.  It’s something we take really seriously but we also have fun doing it as well.  We figure to make a product of beauty and friendliness the first step is to create that for ourselves through the environment we work in and the way we are together.  (it’s a goal….mostly but not always achieved).  We spend many hours each week, mixing, forming, cooking, cooling, slicing, packing, labeling, freezing, boxing, shipping and finally getting ready for the next week.

Below are today’s pics….we finished labeling quarter loaves, clipped netting for next week’s production and cleaned our facility inside and out.  We also shipped orders today as well.

Labeling Quarter Loaves

Smoked Tomato Quarter Loaves

Clipping and Cutting netting for next week’s production

Rayson preparing orders to ship with some Quarter Loaves on a pallet

Soaping up our mixing room for our extra special Friday clean as Richard looks on from the office

Cleaning the Warehouse floor

A quiet moment of reflection at the close of the work week

Thanks for taking the time to check out what we do every week.  We hope you’ve enjoyed the blogs.  Perhaps we will do this again sometime.  If you have any questions or comments please don’t hesitate to leave a comment or send us an email.

David (aka Grainmeat, Fravid) – btw, have a great weekend!

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