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A Week of Field Roast – Day 5


Today is Thursday and we are heading towards the end of our week.  The cooks and mixers are off and only the label workers remain.  Today they are packaging a whole bunch of our Quarter Loaves.  Here are some extreme close ups of our original loaves.

The Quarter Loaf is the perfect size for slicing, and stir frying…sandwiches, wraps and gyros. We make them again by mixing, cooking with steam, and then wash them in a spicy broth. Nowadays, we peel the cotton netting from the loaves so that you don’t have to pry them loose yourselves. But I digress…back to our production for the week!

Below are the Quarter Loaves after they have been chamber vac sealed in a shrink bag.  We place them in a hot water bath to “shrink” the bag.  This is what gives the package it’s nice,clean look.
Before Dipping and Shrinking….

After Their Nice Warm Bath……then onto labeling….

Tomorrow everything gets shipped out and we perform our weekly extra special cleaning duties.

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