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On Friday, October 2, over 200 people gathered for an evening of compassion, support, and fun! Celebrate the Seven was a silent and live auction held at the Fremont Abbey Arts Center to celebrate one year of sanctuary life for the Cle Elum Seven chimpanzees, who were released from biomedical research.

There was an exciting selection of items to bid on, including art, wine, gift certificates, and even vacations. The Ambience Jazz Quartet provided beautiful live music while attendees were free to roam about, eating delicious vegetarian food and enjoying wine and “chimp-tinis”, all donated for the event. I was there, along with my fiance, with platters of Field Roast sausage that David so beautifully arranged for the event. The crowd was amazing, and the Abbey was quickly filled with music, laughter, and conversation.

I must admit, this was one of the most satisfying events I’ve ever been to. I’ve always had a very special place in my heart for chimpanzees and their rescue. I was thrilled to find out I wasn’t the only one. The group of people who gathered at the Abbey was exceptional – proof that we really can make a difference. My face actually hurt as we left from smiling so much!

I’m overjoyed to report that $56,000 was raised to help the Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest! They are now able to begin work on a project to winterize the outdoor area, so the chimps can spend more time outside enjoying the sun in the winter.

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