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Camping with Field Roast


I love camping and the season is here! All three of our Family reunions are centered around camping and in the outdoors. This is the way to really get to know your family…sitting around the fire, sleeping on the ground (except for the elders in the trailers…) and eating simple meals that don’t need too much fuss.

A couple of ideas I have for using Field Roast during my campouts are waiting to be tested out and I am really stoked to have alternatives to the meaty fare that is usually pulled off the BBQ at these gatherings. For breakfast my mom usually goes all out…eggs, bacon, hashbrowns and toast…the whole nine yards. This year I will be cooking up the Mexican Chipotle or Apple Sage sausage for a great scramble for a burrito.

My favorite ideas involve two time honored cooking appliances of the great outdoors: the pie iron, and tin foil. I will attempt a handpie of Smoked Tomato delis using puff pastry or premade pizza dough to see if the fire will crisp it up inside its iron walls! Also, a nice pie iron panini of Wild Mushroom delis, some pre sauteed green pepper and onions with provolone cheese….yum! I love pie irons! Check out this cool pie iron company and all their designs!

Another favorite camp time cooking vessel is the tin foil pouch…which was pioneered (at least under my radar) in girl scouts while making “camper’s stew” which contained ground beef, shredded carrot, onion and diced potatoes. Seal up your heavy duty tin foil pouch and throw that baby in the coals of your camp fire and about 20 minutes later, you’ve got a savory hearty meal. For the Field Roast vegan version I will use the Classic Meatloaf (soon to be available in retail units) instead of the ground beef! I can’t wait to try it!

Hope you all get out in the sun that is offered this Summer and spend some time with family and friends, sharing food and stories. Take Care!

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