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EVENTS: Portland Veg Fest!


Events where you come face to face with your customers is the best part of working for a smaller grass roots type food company. I got paid to travel down to Portland and sample out our sausages while talking with like-minded foodies and activists. All of the foods sampled at Vegfest were required to be vegan, and the eats were fantastic!
This event is not as large as Seattle VegFest, though this year was the biggest draw yet, and there is more growth coming I imagine! Chef demonstrations happened all day long, and retailers of fine vegan accessories, food and books filled the cafeteria of Benson High School. I set up my booth in the back corner of the space, where Jill, one of the planners, generously hooked me up with twice the table space to accomodate my sampling. I came alone, so I was relieved when my volunteers were so good at helping accomplish the task of grilling and talking up the sausages to the people coming to taste! (Marie, Emily and Steel, Thank you!!!) I was even able to take a stroll around and get some lunch from the Daily Grind people selling this wonderful combo plate of Indian inspired rice, beans and my favorite Coconut Greens!!! YUM!
I also got to talk with Chad from Food Fight who has been selling our Field Roast since 2005.
A familiar face Chef Al was also there for the festivities and to do a cooking demonstration, which I was sad to miss. If anyone saw it maybe you could fill me in!
Also, a newer promising vegan food bar called Pro Bar was extremely tasty and filled with real food, not the processed protein bar texture we have come to expect. Jules brought me a bar when he came to sample the Field Roast and introduced himself. He has traveled many miles with his wife and four kids for Pro Bar, which I found out by checking out his website. It is really inspiring and you should check it out!! Thanks again to everyone who came out this weekend to make this event happen with such enthusiasm! Next year will be even better!

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