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I had lunch with Che Green of Cultivate Research the other day at the Vegan Garden near our new facility on Jackson Street in Seattle (stay tuned). Che has spent years thinking about and working with vegetarian/vegan issues and market research. In fact, in his previous life, Che worked for Microsoft as a market researcher. His latest project is really a culmination or synthesis of all the work that he has been doing all along. Besides having a body of pertinent analysis regarding vegetarian trends at it’s finger tips, Cultivate also conducts ongoing research, market testing and the like. They also produce a free e-newsletter called The Grapevine, which includes new research results, effective marketing strategies and the latest news re vegetarian foods. The first issue was great….and not (only) because it featured an interview with me!

I highly recommend connecting with these folks if you are into learning more about vegetarian dining trends, what motivates people to eat veggie food, etc. If you’d like more info and/or to subscribe to their newsletter you can go to

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