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EXPO West in Anaheim!


Field Roast attended the Natural Products Expo Show in Anaheim, CA! For those of you who have never been to a large trade show of this magnitude, it is quite an experience indeed! New Hope Media is a Colorado based company that runs the details of these shows, one on the west coast, and another on the east coast. The Anaheim convention center is just 5 torturous minutes from Disneyland, and really a beautiful space.

Our booth was downstairs in Hall E, or the “hot products” hall. It ended up being a great place to sample out our veggie sausages and scrumptious Celebration Roast! The air was literally buzzing upstairs in the larger halls, and as I roamed through all of the booths there, I noticed tons of companies who I know and love! Pro Bar was there with their AH-mazing granola meal bars, Amy’s Kitchen, Life is Good, and Meyer’s cleaning supplies too. Strolling for your lunch was an easy venture, tasting this, nibbling on that, though it was just as easy to return to our Field Roast booth with something David likes to refer to as “sampler’s stomach.”

Many current customers came around to greet us, and it was really great to put faces to the voices I talk to all the time on the phone. When you sit at a desk most of the time, meeting people is truly exciting! We met tons of great people and signed up to go again next year!

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