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Pimenton Masa De Maiz is Chipotle Corn!!


Just about a year ago a delicious new Field Roast cutlet was born: our Pimenton Masa De Maiz, who along with his brother Porcini Dijon took our delicious breaded vegetarian meats to a whole new level of exquisite international flavors. Chef David Lee blogs about them: here.

We’ve decided to give the Pimenton Masa De Maiz cutlet a new name: Chipotle Corn; a straightforward approach to the complex world of flavors this unique cutlet contains.

The Chipolte Corn cutlet is inspired by the warm, rich culinary traditions of Spain and Latin America. The meat at the center of all this is made with smoked paprika, chipotle peppers and apple cider vinegar, which give it spicy savory notes. The breading is really what really separates the Chipolte Corn Cutlet from our other cutlet flavors. Its base is masa flour the same stuff that’s used to make corn tortillas and chips. The breading also has whole corn and red peppers in it.

Delicious as an entrée centerpiece with a mole sauce, or served on a platter garnished with fresh salsa and cilantro, or even placed on a bun with a zesty special sauce for a delicious new vegetarian burger, the Chipotle Corn cutlet will fire up your culinary senses.

All of our cutlets are available as food service items, for restaurants and delis. Look for the Chipotle Corn cutlet in the prepared foods section of Whole Foods in the Southwest and Midwest regions and maybe soon to a store near you!

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