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Field Roast Folks: Dante’s Inferno Dogs


You may already know that on the corner of NW Market & 22nd in Ballard, WA sits a shiny cart selling dogs….FROM HELL! Sure, they have the regular animal sausages, brats and dogs…but they also have the good sense to carry Field Roast Sausages!

They buy both our Apple Sage and Mexican Chipotle sausages…which is a bit strange since the Italian is usually a shoe in for this type of gig. “One that’s hot, and one that’s not” is what Dante said, and we agree on this philosophy. Mexican Chipotle is the hottest veggie sausage in town. In fact, we are so proud of the spicy, unforgettable heat that when we are asked by those not so turned on by the spice to turn it down a notch, we simply reply “no.” There is no way this sausage is getting a washed out make over. It has worked too hard to get this spicy, and we have got to respect that.

Now the Apple Sage, is not spicy. Rather sweet we’d say. And I bet it would be great from Dante’s cart with a heep of jalepanos on top and cream cheese from that infamous gun! But that is just my opinion! Are you a fan of Dante’s? Go here and buy a shirt. They are really great people 🙂

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