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Field Roast is the Real Deal


A new study tested people’s perceptions of food based on their value systems – for instance meat-eaters were given vegan sausages and told they were meat and rated them tasting great. When told what they were eating was vegan they said it didn’t taste as good even if what they were eating was then animal meat!

Here is their synopsis:
We suggest that consumers assess the taste of a food or beverage by comparing the human values symbolized by the product to their human value priorities. When there is value-symbol congrue
ncy, they experience a better taste and aroma and develop a more favorable attitude and behavior intention; incongruence has theopposite effect. Participants in two taste tests were told the correct identity of aproduct or misinformed. Participants who endorsed the values symbolized by theproduct (that they thought they were tasting) evaluated the product more favorably.

This study has fueled some mighty blogging, such as this link, and this link.

Field Roast would just like to add its opinion!!

First, so many comments assume that all vege sausage is made from soy. While the majority of them are, Field Roast is not!! We are 100% soy free, which, for many is a blessing because so much of vegan food is based around soy, and allergies aside, one knows that eating too much of anything is not good.

Second, why is meat that is not made from animals “fake”?? We understand some companies like to make fake versions of animal meat, but there is something strange about food being fake. Field Roast is REAL food, and we want to change the perception of what meat is. Traditional definitions of the word meat first label it is as solid food. The texture of Field Roast is meaty and satisfying but it is made from grains and not animals. And we don’t want to pretend it comes from animals because that is just weird. Our slogan is ‘flesh of the earth’.

Anyway, back to the study, it is strange how science needs to prove things that thousands of years of real (not fake!) life can tell us. Food is about involvement and passion and perception. We like to think that food is an experience that brings people together. We are happy to be a product that can satisfy a table full of people who may be vegan, meat-eater, flexitarian, or all. Next time you serve up Field Roast do your own little psychological experiment. Tell the tasters what they are about to eat is real food, from the earth, and there is nothing fake about it. We bet it’ll rank high on deliciousness! đŸ˜‰

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