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FIELD ROAST FOLKS: Marlene’s Market & Deli


Being a child of the 80’s and living in Federal Way doesn’t lend itself to the holistic living example that is popping up all over these days. To me, Marlene’s Market & Deli is an icon of that seed in me that has grown and so have they! Marlene Beadle started the store in 1976 and they have since spread into the old two story REI building in Gateway Center. They have also opened the Tacoma store off 38th near the mall. Both stores are beautiful and filled with fantastic people that work with smiles on their faces.
I recently visited the store for their biannual Open House which spotlights products and thanks their customers by offering demos, a BBQ and lots of food on sale! I grilled up some sausages and talked to customers all day.
First I visited the Tacoma store where I was greeted and given a top notch spot by the registers at the built in demo counter. My neighbor was a small business pesto maker and we quickly made friends tried combining our wares together, deciding that his sundried tomato pesto was a lovely match for our Smoked Apple Sage Sausage.
Then I was off to the Federal Way store for the rest of the afternoon. There I was greeted and asked if I needed anything. Debbie, the coordinator for the store grabbed me ice and display product so that I wouldn’t have to leave the heated grill unattended, which I appreciated ever so much! The samplings went well and it was satisfying to support such a great store for this kind of event. I am wetting my toes for many more like it, it is refreshing to be face to face instead of having a phone to my ear!

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