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That’s right….it’s not just about Field Roast! Kale is good too! Some people at Bastyr University of Naturopathic Medicine made some EAT MORE KALE t-shirts….and it’s been all the rave in Seattle. I’ve worn the t-shirt when I’m out on the road and around Seattle….and what a magnet it is for like minded Kale Eaters! It’s kinda like when having a baby in your arms; everyone feels comfortable coming up and “cooing” the child and talking to you. I Love Kale!

A Vermont based artist named Bo, evidently, is the originator of the EAT MORE KALE phenom..selling t-shirts and other EAT MORE KALE stuff from his website at Check it out!

I was in a natural food grocery store in Dallas a few weeks ago, back in the deli kitchen and some people were cooking up A WHOLE BUNCH OF KALE….suffice to say that I tore off my chef jacket to reveal my Kale Shirt….

My dear mother, who lives in England, told me that Kale was for Cows….! Nay, I say (sorry mum). It’s good eating….

When I worked in the restaurant trade in NYC in the late 1980’s (Good Enough to Eat, 82nd and Amsterdam, nr Zabars but now most their most excellenancies Chef Ann Nickinson and Lisa Hall are doing Kitchenette) we used to blacken the kale and served it slightly charred, yum….
That’s what we did yesterday, cept this kale (which we rescued from a Sysco Food show) was super fibrous, large and beautifully coloured; purply, green…I cooked it, charred it..but it still was underdone….delicious! Chef Holtz is going to cook some up today for lunch….predictions, a little softer, more vinegary…a little juicy.

Talk about Flesh of the Earth!


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