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Baseball, Apple Pie and Field Roast Sausages!

Randy Stevenson’s Mojo Market located on Occidental, and less than a block from Safeco’s Left Field entrance, is your source for Field Roast brand sausages on game day. If you are looking for a GOOD vegetarian option, you may have opted to visit a restaurant nearby before heading to the game. Inside Safeco the only vegetarian “Dog” option is the gummy, dried out, non browning veggie dog! Sound delicious? How about some fat, flavor and sizzle! Stop in at the Mojo Market and pick up an authentically made vegetarian sausage, originating from Seattle itself!

“Instead of steaming or boiling the dogs, we simmer them…we use a mix of BBQ sauce, peppers, onions, and kraut to cook the flavor into the dogs” says Manager Byron. The decision to bring the Field Roast sausages onto the menu was made by Randy, our primary guy at Mojo, who said “David came in to give us samples, and we’d been looking for a good veggie dog to use…when we sampled it, we actually liked it, and our customers love it, so we’ve been selling them ever since!” You can add the onions and peppers from the sauce to the top of your dog, or just have it plain, but no matter which way you prefer your Mojo sausage; it’s going to be good.

On a personal note, I would like to thank the guys at Mojo Market for feeding me lunch that day and making me feel welcome! I love meeting and chatting up our customers that are generally in the non-vegetarian spectrum of the food world. It is a testament to why we make good vegan sausages here at Field Roast, vendors who are looking for quality can get behind a vegan sausage like ours…thanks for reading and eating!.

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