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FIELD ROAST FOLKS: University of Puget Sound


Congrats to Lauren and all the food service folks at University of Puget Sound, in Tacoma, Washington for being nominated by PETA for being one of the Most Vegetarian-Friendly Colleges in America. You guys have been great customers for years….serving our Meatloaf, Sunflower Country-Style Cutlets, our Celebration Roast and bulk Italian sausage…maybe that’s what you guys were using in your sloppy joe? Good ole regular food!

Special props to Steven Davis, who really influenced the veggie menus and program at University of Puget Sound left a few years back….

A blurb from the press release:

The delicious selection of smart vegan food at Puget Sound includes vegan cheeseburgers, vegan biscuits and gravy, and vegan Field Roast sloppy joes. Even many nonvegetarian students can’t pass up the vegan dishes, because they look as great as they taste.”

Click here to check the full press release:


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