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Field Roast on the Menu: Honey Hole Sandwiches, Seattle


Today is Friday.  And we at the Field Roast office have a whole lot happening.  Spring is coming, and the new year is in full swing as we getting ready for grilling season, baseball season and a whole slew of shows that we will attend to present our grain meats to the masses.  We haven’t blogged for some time, so we thought that today we’d try a local place for lunch and shoot some pics!

Honey Hole has been around for a while, and about 2 years ago started serving up Field Roast as an every day menu item on their hot vegetarian sandwich menu.  They really do it right, lots of bold flavors…pesto, banana peppers, spicy mayo sauce…seriously good eats.  We would say more, but our mouths are full!  Feast your eyes on Emilio Pestovez & Bellissimo! Both made featuring Field Roast Smoked Tomato Slices.

Have a great weekend!


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