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Reap what you Smoothie


Essential Smoothie Ingredients

The latest Field Roast employee benefit is by far the tastiest employee benefit! We started our healthy shake program recently to encourage everyone  to consume more raw veggies more often. Field Roast bought the Vitamix Blender and continues to buy the essential smoothie ingredients. Practically every morning my breakfast consists of kale, spinach, carrots, beets, ginger, apple, banana, cinnamon, cacao, grounded almonds, filtered water, and ice. There is no way kale, beets or carrots would make it into my cereal! Without the Vitamix, my breakfast veggie servings would be dramatically lower!

And other times we treat ourselves to a deliciously fresh fruit smoothie with other berries and fruits personally brought in. But when comparing the fruit smoothie with the health shake, the difference is the nourishment. The health shake fills me up (sometimes even past lunchtime!), especially if I drink a full vase! Not surprisingly, sugar flows then ebbs energy drastically while the vitamins and proteins from the veggies provide sustenance to digest. Another healthy aspect from having a smoothie for breakfast is not needing or wanting coffee/caffeine, which is pretty common here in the Emerald City of Seattle.  And by emerald, I mean grey.


Now some of you might be wondering “what if….you put Field Roast in a smoothie?”…


… let’s just not even go there….  🙂


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Reap what you Smoothie

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