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Field Roast Sponsors Bratfest in Madison Wisconsin


Field Roast at Bratfest 2012 in Madison, Wisconsin

This weekend Field Roast Company becomes a proud sponsor of the Bratfest in Madison, Wisconsin.

We have a family connection to Madison!   Malcolm Lee, our intrepid Director of Operations, has been enjoying Madison summers from birth, as his mom’s side of the family has been a part of the Madison community for many, many years.

His grandmother Marilyn Ross a middle school teacher there for over 20 years and his grandfather Leonard Ross retired from the faculty of the Psychology Department at the University of Wisconsin after many years.  His mother, Terry Ross, returned to that fair city ten years ago and now teaches sustainable business at the technical college.  His sister Scout is a junior at East High School and his Uncle David teaches history at West High School.

Suffice to say that Madison is our Seattle home away from home.  Malcolm will be in Madison this weekend repping the roast and meeting with the Metcalfe family who coordinates the event.  The Metcalfes have owned three grocery stores in the Madison area since 1917 and are a big part of the community – Metcalfe’s Markets.  If you see Malcolm, he will be wearing a Field Roast t-shirt – be sure to say hi.

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