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New Mural at Field Roast


Changes are afoot at Field Roast.

When we moved into our converted dairy in 2008 we had Los Angeles mural artist Tom Ruetts put together a veggie themed mural in our parking lot.

It’s served us well for these last few years but we felt it was time to changes things up.

Urban Artworks is a non-profit organization in Seattle that is highly creative and empowers youth to do the same.  They are working on a larger project that is celebrating Jackson Street’s jazz history.  Our production plant is right smack in the middle of the area where jazz greats such Ray Charles did his thing in the 1940’s, 1950’s.

Our new mural, created by the artists and students of Urban Artworks is keeping our veggie theme and integrating it into the jazz vibe.

We will update you when the final Pièce de résistance is unveiled.

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