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Living Naturally Fair Vancouver


The other week, with girlfriend in tow, I packed up the car and headed for the border. Living in Seattle, we are only a few hours away from Vancouver B.C., an awesome city with a lot of diversity and a multitude of melting pot inspired flavors. A hot bed for cool street food, hole in the wall noodle joints, and a euro hipster contingent that’s enough to make you feel like that three-hour drive somehow transported you a lot further than Canada.

The purpose of this trip was to check out a super cool fair that Whole Foods throws in the parking lot of their downtown store, where they pack the place with local food makers and farmers, music, and this years special inclusion, scattered showers. P1050254

I had been invited this year to compete in a little demonstration/friendly competition with a local Whole Foods Chef, to create an awesome dish using Field Roast.  Being that it was a little dark and dreary, Shepherd’s Pie seemed like the perfect choice for the day. I like to make mine with our Field Roast Italian Sausage, to give my pie a little Tuscan twist. That, plus a couple fennel bulbs, and a whole lot of mushrooms, give this dish some extra dimension, and depth. I used whatever wild mushrooms I could find (in the store, not the woods), which on this day included: trumpet, chanterelle, and oyster. I top my Shepherd’s Pie with a creamy, fluffy, and fully vegan mashed potato, before it goes under the broiler to brown.


I had a great time meeting all the Whole Foods team members who put on the event at the Robson store, and really enjoyed the potatoes from the UBC Farm. Next time your in Vancouver, make sure to stop by and check out this cool, and funky little store in the middle of the city. I’ll be back next year, if they’ll have me, to defend my title. Check out my recipe below.P1050298


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