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Recipe: Celebration Roast with Leeks and Shrooms


The other day, we received an email from a mom out in Dallas, TX whose vegan 17 year old foodie, Issey Howe, made a wonderful dish with Celebration Roast. She sent along a photo and I just had to share it with you!

Often we get calls and emails asking about the way to best cook Celebration Roast. I will most likely refer to the Marinated Celebration Roast recipe on our website, the one that I recently photographed at home and posted as well. This recipe takes off on the steaming method of cooking our beloved Cele Ro…and incorporates lots of love and goodness!

First carmelize finely sliced leeks in olive oil, then add Pacific Organic vegetable broth and Bunapi and Shiitake mushrooms. After cooking down a bit add the thawed Celebration Roast to the pot, cook 15 minutes bathing the roast with the liquid and mushrooms. Serve over brown rice.

Thanks again to Issey and her mom Anita!

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