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Recipe: Smoked Tomato BBQ


Sausages, Smoked Tomato Field Roast on the Grill with Corn
On July 31st, our Field Roast family got together at a local park for some good ol’ summer fun. We ate, played kickball, and even had a couple of pinatas for the kids. We have a great group of folks here at Field Roast, and it is always nice to see eachothers kids, spouses and loved ones all together, celebrating!
We, of course, do not serve animal meat at our common meals. And so for those who think that it is difficult to feed a group of 60 without a ground beef burger in sight, this blog is for you. We grilled our popular grain meat Sausages on the park provided grills, but we also wanted something on a burger bun.
In comes the Smoked Tomato Field Roast BBQ. You may remember back in the FR days of old when the BBQ Field Roast was an item you could buy from us directly. You would have to have been in the food service industry, but we still get phone calls and emails from time to time

asking about this sweet and tangy recipe. It is rediculously simple and so let us share the magic with you!
Get your favorite barbeque sauce, grill up some onions in it, and slather it on top of a slab of Smoked Tomato slices or Quarter loaf sliced (grilled or sauteed a bit first of course). You can even julienne it for a pulled meat type of feel, and mix it all together. Scrumdiddlyumptious.

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