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Since all is fair in love and sausage, Field Roast takes the tested traditional method of sausage making and positively takes animal flesh out of the equation. I would venture to say that our manufaturing plant in Seattle is home of the only two vegan sausage linkers in the world, and it is proving to be quite a serious business.

We’ve added a second machine, a second shift and now can be found nationwide in all three flavors at your retail grocer. Italian, Mexican Chipotle & Smoked Apple Sage. There is a trend that has begun to blossom; the rise of sausage carts and gourmet sausage restaurants that use Field Roast Sausages exclusively and inclusively. Mojo Market, outside of Safeco Field, home of the Mariners, was one of the first. Along with our ties to Frankfurter at the Seattle Center…it was hit and [mostly] miss if you wanted a vegan dog on the street. But a start nonetheless.
Now there are sausage carts across the country and restaurants with sausages as the main event on the menu that carry Field Roast (though they are mostly on the west coast)! One of the best parts of being part of Field Roast is the fact that vegans, veggies and carnivores give us the thumbs up on our taste and texture. We are proud to be the veggie option at establishments that tout their artisan and quality sausage fare. It goes to show that honestly, vegetarian meats are not what they used to be. We think they will never be the same again.
If you are wondering why your local dog cart doesn’t have a veggie option…ASK! Perhaps they think that everyone who is a would-be customer wouldn’t like the option. Or that they don’t think the sales gained would be all that impressive. Many vendors who have our sausages would attest to that being completely off base, and our growth shows it. So thanks to Munchen Haus, Wurstkutche, Showdogs, Let’s Be Frank, Frjts Fries, Diggity Dog, Funhole, Underdog, Bark Hot dogs, Dante’s Inferno Dogs & Top Dog…oh, and by the way what happened to Sausage Party in San Fran??
If you put Field Roast on a bun and sell them or buy them somewhere not listed, let me know so we can thank you too! As for the summer months…they are slippin’ by mightly fast. Catch ’em before the grills sink back into the garage! Thank goodness for Octoberfest!

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