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Specialty Frankfurter Contest Finalists!


Specialty Frank Line up

We’ve been really excited to taste the concept creations that make up our 5 finalists!  Today Field Roast chefs Stephen Holtz and David Lee, expertly styled the dogs for a top notch tasting and photo shoot!

And honestly…we have some pretty tough decisions to make, when you consider that we were asked to pick between so much goodness! Now, after a big lunch of Frankfurters, I have to tell you about them…but we are still deciding on the winner…so stay tuned for the winner to be announced Friday on Veggie Happy’s Blog!

In the dugout we have five fantastic concepts:

My Oh My! vegan cream cheese, jalapenos, and a good drizzle of Sriracha Sauce!
The Slugger, topped with yellow mustard, baked beans, chopped onions, and just a hint of Rice Mallow
The Bruschetta Frank diced fresh tomatoes, salt, pepper, chopped fresh basil, garlic & olive oil
The Ruh-Roh -Shredded cabbage, peanut sauce, carmelized onions, and hot sauce to taste
Veggie Goodness Dog - grilled vegetables and hummus!

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