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Superbowl Franks: San Fran vs. Baltimore


After this historical season of running rookies, super powered safeties, and the resurgence of one gun slinging gridiron great, there is only one game left to settle it all.  A celebration of competition, strength, sport, spectacle, civic pride, and food.  This Sunday, like every Sunday for the past twenty-two weeks, armies of gladiators will take the field, dawning their colors, flying their flags, backed by hordes of thousands.  This is not just a battle of animals and icons, but a clash of cities, towns, and traditions.  The Super Bowl is not just a showcase of the wonders of these superhuman warriors; it is also a chance for their followers to amass in one final superstitious, mojo mustering, blowout.

The Super Bowl Party.

A potluck of grandiose proportions. Like a great Viking hall, football fans will fill their bellies with food and drink, and take solace in the warmth of the final 60 minutes of gridiron glory, before the bitter cold of the off season.

Nothing says sports like hot dogs, and every city has got their own way of dressing ‘em up.  So in honor of the two teams that made it all the way this year, we here at Field Roast have created our version of two super specialty franks for your own celebration.

The Baltimore Big Bite, our Field Roast Frankfurter on a toasted hoagie with fried Lentil Sage Deli Slices, sauerkraut, sweet onions, and spicy deli mustard.

Field Roast Frank: The Baltimore Big Bite
Field Roast Frank: The Baltimore Big Bite

And the ‘Frisco Frank, our Field Roast Frankfurter, grilled to perfection, atop juicy, on the vine tomato slices, cool, creamy avocado, and fresh alfalfa sprouts.

Field Roast Frankfurter: The 'Frisco Frank
Field Roast Frankfurter: The ‘Frisco Frank

Twenty-two weeks of nail-biters, blow outs, grudge matches, elation, and heartbreak, only to be left with talks of next season. Here’s our pick for Super Bowl XLVIII.

Go Hawks.

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