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Field Roast gives thanks to you


It’s something special to be a part of a growing and living company like Field Roast. We have been working hard all year, and it surely has flown by! Today we are making more Celebration Roasts…in a season that we’ve made more than ever before. We still use the same simple ingredients, and the fresh vegetables and bold spices that give the roast its full flavor, savory and delicious.

Our special Hazelnut Cranberry Roast En Croute can now be found in more locations than ever, including our neighbors to the north, Canada! To you who have written, called and posted about your difficulty finding your roast…our hearts go out to you. We’ve seen much worse though…in 2006 when I started at Field Roast, the whole of the east coast was out of luck! We are ever adding locations, and your words and praises for Field Roast products have gotten us on more shelves than I can imagine. And they are still rolling in.

We know that you, our fans and friends, are to thank for our growth and popularity. We could not have done it without you. You who will call ten stores telling them that they should have Field Roast, as we continue the ever complex job of meeting that demand and shipping our products to everywhere they are wanted. We are so very thankful for that passion that you share with us, and we hope you taste that same passion for food, nourishment and compassion that we put into our foods here at Field Roast.

Just last week, David Lee, our president, was the guest chef at a Farestart event in Seattle, celebrating their 20th anniversary. The menu was created by David, partnered with his dear friend Chef Stephen Holtz. I often say that David seems happiest when he is back in the kitchen, doing the work of a chef. And this year he’s been able to do this a few times with Meatless Mondays at Judkins Park Cafe too.

This year, Field Roast employees had babies! Got married! And we celebrated many birthdays and anniversaries. We enjoy a group of wonderful and diverse people here at work, something that nourishes us along the way too. I know I wouldn’t get through some days if it weren’t for my co-workers. I am so thankful for where we are…and without being too incredibly sappy on this very American holiday of abundance to the point of gluttony, I am truly thankful to say I work at Field Roast.
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

– Jennifer Hryciw

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