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Tet and Lunar New Year at Field Roast


Every month we our have “Community Meal” at Field Roast….afterwords we have a general meeting and our safety meeting.  Sometimes I cook the meal but lately we’ve had other Field Roasters contribute.  A few months ago Rayson cooked a Filipino meal, Petra made some excellent Mexican food….This month we decided to combine our Community Meal with  the lunar new year Tet or the Chinese Lunar New Year.  In Seattle and especially our neighborhood it’s a big week.  We have a Buddhist temple just a few blocks away that many people will be visiting this week.  I often walk by it on my way to work:

This week Lam (our most senior employee) along with Nhung (our Label Room supervisor), Anh, Nga and Trinh all contributed.  They created an incredible spread of food…all vegan and all delicious.  When the table was set it looked like a banquet.

Here is a little slideshow below:

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