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A Week of Making Field Roast – Day FOUR


Sausages, sausages and more sausages…….

Today we hosted some MBA students from Seattle University who are working on a project about business.  

We also had our monthly community meal which this month…came in the flavor of  Tet and an incredible vegetarian Vietnamese feast prepared by Lam, Nhung, Anh, Nga and Trinh….so good…check out the blog just before after this blog for pics.

Back to today….we made quarter loaves upstairs….Wild Mushroom with shitake, porcini and champignon mushrooms.  See it in the mixing bowl below:

We also clipped and labelled bunches of Italian sausages….

Our labeling crew looks a little cold because once we cook our sausages, we keep them cold and fresh just for you.  After a while, we get used to working in a refrigerated environment.  Note the hoodies…
CC clipping away…this is a nice action shot

and boxed yesterdays Mexican Chipotle Sausages…..

another day of making veggie grain meats!

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