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A “Cooks In The Field” Exclusive: Sarah Creighton


Every month, we share new recipes from the three “Cooks In The Field” that won our recipe contest last Fall. We are all familiar with their cooking styles by now: Adam Rosen is a tailgating grill master, Joy Martin is an experimental urban foodie and Sarah Creighton is a healthy homemaker for her husband and three children. But how did they fall into these roles? What do we know about them? Well, since they bring new ideas to our kitchen tables each month, they are like family. So we interviewed each of them to give a little insight into their culinary-inspired lives. You can continue to enjoy her recipes on our website and facebook page, but here you can get to know Sarah Creighton:

sarah creighton

How does your passion for cooking relate to being a Healthy Homemaker?

“As a busy mom of three growing, veggie-lovin’ boys I have to be on my A-game when it comes to preparing healthy, delicious meals that also please my meat-loving husband. I love experimenting with new plant-based products by infusing new flavors yet keeping my recipes simple. It can be tricky to please everyone in my family but I’ve come up with some winners along the way! Knowing that what my family eats is full of nutrition brings me peace of mind.”

What inspired you to explore vegan cooking and start your own blog?

“When I decided to switch to a vegan lifestyle several years back I was creating so many new recipes. I wanted to keep track of those recipes to reflect back on what we ate, which is how Veggie-Kids was born. Since then it’s taken off as so many other families are eager to try their hands at a plant-based way of life.”

What was your biggest challenge with switching to a vegan diet?
“Finding good replacements for things like eggs in baking and cooking. Through lots of trial and error I think I’ve got it down now! The biggest thing that most people would think would be a challenge is getting your kids/spouse/friends to eat a vegan diet but that wasn’t the case for us. I found so many new foods and flavors that it made eating exciting!”

What is your favorite ingredient to cook with right now?

“Flax seeds, chia seeds, hemp seeds…any seeds for that matter! Seeds are loaded with important nutrients and can be easily disguised in many dishes. Ground flax seeds can also be used in baking to replace eggs-who knew?”

What is your “go-to” dish?

“Tacos. They’re a staple in my house as it’s such an easy dish to transform using different ingredients on hand. Sometimes I use beans, other times Field Roast’s Classic Meatloaf, broken up into bits.”

Sweet or savory?
“I’m a sweet girl all the way!”

Besides cooking, what do you enjoy doing in your downtime?
“Eating. And hanging out with my beautiful family or being outside in nature.”

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