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Temporary Hazelnut Source Change

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Temporary Hazelnut Source Change


We at Field Roast are proud of our grain meats and the plant-based ingredients used to make them.  Because our ingredients come from the earth, we are subject to what the earth produces.  Field Roast Hazelnut Herb Breaded Cutlets, sold in restaurants and deli counters, are made with locally sourced Oregon hazelnuts.  Due to a shortage of Oregon hazelnuts from our supplier, for a short time, we will be using delicious Turkish hazelnuts grown near the Black Sea to make our Hazelnut Herb Breaded Cutlets.  None of our other products are affected.  We are proud of the ingredients we use to make Field Roast products and take great care in finding the best sources.

Hazelnut Herb Breaded Cutlets

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Temporary Hazelnut Source Change

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