Top Recipes from #CooksInTheField2015 Contest! | Field Roast

Top Recipes from #CooksInTheField2015 Contest!

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Top Recipes from #CooksInTheField2015 Contest!




Our new Cooks In The Field, Heather Poire and Chuck Pepper Jr., were chosen after our recent recipe contest. They will both be creating new recipes for Field Roast in the upcoming 6 months! However, we had so many amazing recipes submitted by some awesome folks, that we can’t help but share just a few more of them. Check out some of the finalists below and try their recipes, which will stay featured on our website! Check out their various blogs listed below for more recipes.


Julie Hashimoto-McCreery

Vegan Philly “Cheese Steak”

By Julie Hashimoto-McCreery

Ashland, Oregon

Check out her blog: Forbidden Rice

 Vegan Philly Cheese Steak




Michelle St Onge

Chao Cheesy Sausage Balls

By Michelle St. Onge
Morrissville, North Carolina

“I have been meat free for almost 14 years and strictly vegan for 2 years, finding that field roast products have made it such an easy process to becoming vegan.”

Chao Cheesy Sausage Balls





Apple Chao Cheese Tart

By Katie Wantuch
Indianapolis, Indiana

Check out her Facebook Page: Katie’s Vegetarian Culinary Corner






Shannon Hickman

Italian Sausage Pasta with Roasted Asparagus and Mushroom Marinara

By Shannon Hickman
Parker, Colorado

Check out her blog: Another Hungry Vegan

Italian sausage past with roasted asparagus and cream sauce





Gabrielle St. Claire

Beet Burger with Chao Cheese

By Gabrielle St. Claire
New York City, New York

Check out her blog: Eat.Drink.Shrink

Beet Burger





Sandra Sellani

Angie’s “Pork” Bread

By Sandra Sellani
Newport Beach, California

Check out her blog: 40 Year Old Vegan

Angie's Pork Bread

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Top Recipes from #CooksInTheField2015 Contest!

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